PLUS1 for Black Lives is a campaign that exists to address and continue the fight against anti-black racism and violence in the US.  Through toolkits, teach-ins, salon-style conversations, content, assets, and philanthropy through the PLUS1 for Black Lives Fund, PLUS1 is uniting our industry in its desire to support not only the calls to action of the current moment, but the larger, longer commitment to building a more equitable future for all.

PLUS1 stands in support of Black lives.

PLUS1 stands in support of Black futures.



In support of organizations like Equal Justice Initiative, Impact Justice, Movement for Black Lives, and The Bail Project,  the PLUS1 For Black Lives Fund was developed to drive money and awareness to those who are at the forefront of the movement fighting for change. This fund is centered on empowering black communities, transforming the criminal justice system, and building equitable and dignified systems. In addition, 30% of the PLUS1 for Black Lives Fund is set aside and committed to small grants for Black and Indigenous-led grassroots organizations.



The Movement for Black Lives seeks to reach millions, mobilize hundreds of thousands, and organize tens of thousands, so that Black political power is a force able to influence national and local agendas in the direction of our shared Vision for Black Lives. Through an ecosystem of individuals and organizations, they create a shared vision and policy agenda to win rights, recognition, and resources for Black people.

The Bail Project is a national nonprofit that provides free bail assistance to thousands of low-income Americans every year, reuniting families and restoring the presumption of innocence to a system that criminalizes race and poverty. Since 2018, The Bail Project has secured freedom for nearly 11,000 people in over 20 cities across the country. In this moment of nationwide demonstrations in defense of Black lives, their local teams continue their work to transform pretrial justice, while providing bail assistance to people arrested during protests against police violence.

Equal Justice Initiative is committed to ending mass incarceration and excessive punishment in the United States, to challenging racial and economic injustice, and to protecting basic human rights for the most vulnerable people in American society.

Impact Justice is committed to fostering a more humane, responsive, and restorative system of justice in our nation. Through innovation, research, policy, and advocacy, they are forging a new path to a justice system that is fair to all of us.